AAi2Lab which is integrated in U.Porto Media Innovation Labs (MIL) is inspired by broad conceptions of creativity and innovation as inducing forces of social and institutional co-evolution, exploring the potential of photography for making imaginative questions and address transversal problems within interdisciplinary debates on Architecture, City and Territory.

The main objective of AAi2 is to articulate the mobilizing potential of Architecture, Art and Image to identify and render visible new spaces of political action and urban intervention. This means, besides other things, to ensure the constant research and development of knowledge in the creation, experimentation, innovation and evolution of various artistic areas, with particular emphasis on experimentation and research of architectural culture and photographic imagery. In this way, this laboratory aims to rearticulate the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of these disciplinary fields, by developing communication strategies and critical self-reflexive exercises, inserted in a broad cosmopolitan discussion on the redefinition of the public space.

The projects developed and promoted by AAi2Lab are designed to activate the potential of young generations of students, researchers, architects and artists to intervene in their social reality, exploring the use of image for observing, analysing and theorizing different dimensions of the public space based on visual research methods.  The active cooperation between the various partner entities of the AAi2Lab aims to stimulate a multidisciplinary research dynamic around the many hybrids between the spaces of the commons, urban spaces of collective use and the public sphere, in a joint effort to understand how these social constructions can be mutually transformed, preserved or regenerated through concerted actions.

At AAi2Lab, the power of image is used to bridge objective and subjective aspects of observation, analysis, interpretation and expression of the multiple overlapping realities that configure the public space. Crossing borders and shifting boundaries across disciplines, this collaborative platform fosters synergies between different sensibilities and skills, in order to develop innovative research-action practices capable of strengthening emerging spaces of participation and citizenship.