AAi2Lab promotes several activities having a strong editorial component in the fields of Architecture, Art and Image, linking diverse research competencies and professional skills:

  • Development of academic and scientific production (joint orientation of master's and doctoral theses and advanced training at doctoral and postdoctoral level) and teaching (articulation between curricular units of various AAI2 Lab entities).
  • Dissemination of collective or individual photography projects and other projects and publications related to documentary and artistic photography in the areas of architecture, city and territory.
  • Conducting workshops, debates, conferences and other specific discussion actions directed to students of Architecture, Art and Image, stimulating the dialogue of students and researchers with other professionals, articulating academic education, professional practice and scientific research.
  • Editorial services of production, publishing and commercialization of products in analogic and digital support by our editorial sector Scopio Editions, as well as the dissemination of works from other publishers interested in placing their products at the scopio Network platform.
  • Organization of events of university extension and scientific congresses crossing Architecture, Art and Image around common themes within the study of spatial realities (increasingly pervaded by cognitive and digital technologies) that concur to the construction of the public space.
  • Development of curatorial proposals and exhibition projects that simultaneously seek the preservation of memory, foster critical thinking about the future, and promote the debate with the communities where these activities take place.
  • Literary cartography using information technologies and critical thinking about city spaces
  • Art practice and production of contemporary dance performances in public and collective spaces